Mainamax is official Siveco Group unique partner in Iran. Mainamax provides the most powerful European Enterprise Asset Management software named by Coswin 8i. Mainamax also provides technical support for Coswin 8i in Iran.

About Mainamax

Mainamax provides expert consulting services in the broad area of asset management, covering both the integrity of the asset base itself and the optimization of its performance, necessary to meet a client’s business outcomes.

To date the services provided by us has achieved an excellent reputation as those by a high level engineering consulting firm, providing support to senior management down to shop floor personnel.  We have unique skills founded either in advanced research or in long term practical experience in a variety of industries. We are unique in terms of the science and rigour it is able to bring to the discipline of asset management, and this is recognized by its profile in training, research and tertiary education.

More recently there has been a strong interest in the strategic asset management, embracing long term capital and maintenance management, operational performance, risk management and return on investment.  The models developed by us allow an all-of-life assessment of the costs of assets, based on data, which is readily available in a competent engineering organization.

We have in-house expertise in most of the modern computerized maintenance management packages from small single seat databases to enterprise strength, multi-site systems.  We are able to tailor software for all of these systems covering load up and management of assets, development and implementation of PM procedures, stores optimisation and inventory management.  We use well-proven techniques and optimisation tools to commission these systems in a rapid and comprehensive project.

We have had a strong role in the development of contract maintenance from both a consulting and an education role. The company has advised potential users of contract services as well as contracting company themselves, focusing on service level agreements, KPIs, actual performance on the shop floor and commissioning of systems.

We also provide specialist services in the area of safety engineering including ISO-compliant risk assessment databases, risk assessments, machine guarding analysis and improvement, electrical safety systems and so on.