Functionality of Coswin 8i

Standard and corrective processes

Management of strategic maintenance assets

Planned maintenance

Coswin 8i is for both single and multiple warehouses. It enables item management for both stock and non-stock, repairable items, tools, reservations, outward and inward stock movements, direct orders and inventories in order to ensure parts availability at the right time and reduce surplus stocks.

Inventory management

Coswin 8i allows precise supplier management with manual and automatic purchase order requests, relationship tracking with suppliers and subcontractors, as well as prices, budgets, invoices and assets.

Purchase management

The implementation is to separate data and validation circuits according to the entity to which the users belong.

Each entity possesses :

As a result you can manage your data in Coswin 8i by organizational entity.

Multiple Organization management

The Project module purpose is to prepare, plan and follow-up the realization of maintenance projects requiring preparation tasks, facilities and tracking of time spent and costs, for example new works, annual shutdowns, construction, etc.) A project is made up of tasks that can be linked together and may generate Work Orders.


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