Why Choose Coswin 8i ?

Today maintenance processes can no longer be simply delegated to the factory or maintenance department level. Maintenance functions are collaborative and interact with other specialized company applications, so they are an integral part of the global information system. Maintenance is directly linked to company leadership goals. Our large range of tools (data transfer module, interface tables, web services) allow us to integrate Coswin 8i within your environment.

Easy integration into your information system

Using mobile terminals, such as smart phones and tablets, equipped with the Coswin Nom@d solution, your warehouse managers and mobile maintenance technicians can operate independently of a Coswin connection, then when connectivity is available they can exchange information in real-time with Coswin databases. Coswin Nom@d responds to the needs of itinerant employees in industrial and utilities companies.

Mobile CMMS thanks to Coswin Nom@d

A flexible offering

We offer a range of choices for deployment of Coswin 8i:

Reference : http://www.siveco.com/en/cmms-software/coswin-8i